If accuracy and realism are important to you, contact us for a consultation regarding safety on your set and the right gun for the right era and purpose.

For a reasonable fee, we can also provide guns for theatrical purposes.

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We have a large personal collection of guns that are frequently used for theatrical or film purposes.  A few examples are shown below.

From our personal collection: This Tommy Gun is an authentic 1928 US Navy over stamp model. This Thompson was originally purchased by the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office in the late 1920s.  P. F. Custom acquired it from them in the late 90’s.  A similar model Thompson is the property of the Madison County, NC Sheriff’s Office. It was loaned to us to be used in the reenactment of the 1935 Mars Hill Bank Robbery.  It is believed that the Madison County Thompson was actually used in the chase and apprehension of the bank robbers.
Tommy Gun




From our personal collection: “Mare’s Leg” shortened rifle, made famous in the TV show “Wanted, Dead or Alive”. Steve McQueen wore a Mare’s Leg strapped to his leg in a custom made “horse Hide” holster.Mare's Leg

From our personal collection: HK-UMP